Beneath The Mountain

The Second Battle of Meadowvale

The time for a conclusive battle had finally arrived. The remaining goblins, led by their priests, had allied themselves with the sinister fishmen of the drowned mines in a campaign to wipe the town of Meadowvale off the map and had placed the town under a siege that would mark its final hour. Undermanned and weakened by many disasters, Meadowvale could not hope to stand alone. Thus, our heroes forged a daring plan. Urzogg D'ork, the fastest and stealthiest of the team, would sneak past the enemy lines under cover of darkness to petition aid from the dwarves of Stonehold, while the other two adventurers stayed behind to assist in the defence.

Urzogg would need to move fast, for unbeknownt to him, the enemy force also had a plan that night. The first thing Jethro and Saqqua knew of the stealthy assualt was when a squad of goblins infiltrated thier room, attempting to kill them in thier sleep.. Fortuanately, they woke up just in time to avoid disaster, but Jethro was gravely wounded in the ensuing skirmish. Staggering outside, the duo so that disaster had struck: the goblins had thrown open the ates, and orcs were pouring into the town. A series of desperate battles ensued as the heroes fought to save the town, but without reinforcements, they knew their was little hope. 

Fortunately, those reinforcements were on the way. Urzogg had successfully made contact with Stonehold, and now led a mighty force of dwarves to the relief of the town. Their first battle, however, occurred just outside the walls, where they found a force of fishmen preparing some sort of magical cannon. If it could be use, it would no doubt end Maadowvales resistance once and for all! With a might war cry, the dwarves charged, and a bloody battle ensued. The fishmen, aided by their more advanced weapons, fought jhard, but finally broke when Urzogg blasted their leader in a ride by motorcycle attack. The threat dealt with, the dwearves them moved to strike the goblins inside the town from the rear.

At that very moment, the fate of meadowvale was being decided in fierce combat outside the town hall. Jethro and Saqqua stood alone against a dozen orcs led by their new leader, a mighty ogre barbarian. Saqqua stood toe to to with the ogre, taking terrible wounds from its deadly great club, while jethros magic blasted the assembled orcish horde. At last, the forces of good proved victorious. A blast of lightning from jethro scattered the orcs, and the ogre was felled by skull crushing blow from saqqua. Their leader defeated, the remaining enemy troops were then struck by a dwarven charge from their rear, and disintegrated into panic.

The three heroes, now reunited, were almost ready to declare the battle a victory, when the enemy deployed their final trump card. The goblin shamans marched into the town square, and with them they brought a terrible idol: An immense skull, wrapped in writhing chains, its eyes glowing with unholy power. The time had finally come to face the Goblin God…



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