Beneath The Mountain

Final Confrontation

The Goblin God, an immense idol of bone and chains, had finally arrived in the heart of Meadowvale. Accompanied by its shamans and the most elite warriors of the stormcloud army, it roared into battle against the re-united heroes. Flames blasted, chains thrashed, and goblins were turned to pulp in as the two sides finally settled their dispute once and for all. Though the idol was strong, the cunning minds of the three adventurers quickly found its weak point: By using telekinesis to rip the chains from its body, Urzogg was able to tear a hole in the beast, through which Saqqua aimed a mighty fire blast.

It was much too early to celebrate though, for with a mighty blast the idol exploded, revealing the true form of the goblin god: a Chain Devil, conjured from the deepest pits of the Nine Hells. In fury, the beast lashed out with its razor sharp chains, driving back Saqqua with a blizzard of attacks. The future seemed grim, but, through heroic magical effort, Jethro and Urzogg were ale to temporarily drive away the whipping chains, leaving the flesh of the devil exposed. With a mighty war cry, Saqqua split the beast in twain, and the goblin threat was at last decisively vanquished. 

The battered heroes scarcely had time to lower their weapons, however, when another threat appeared: A terrible earthquake split the ground, revealing an underground river from which came an elite force of fishmen, commanded by their leader: a hideous, slimey, fishlike monster known as an aboleth!

Aboleths are masters of mental powers, and the beast used its sinister abilities to full effect, confusing and distracting the heroes. It even attempted t conquer the mind of the warrior Saqqua, which would surely have spelled doom for the embattled village. But Saqqua possessed a stronger will than most warriors, and fought of the beast for long enough for Jethro to freeze the river solid. With their master trapped, the fishmen stood no chance, and were soon routed, whereupon a few sharp blows ended the aboleth menace forever. Meadowvale had been saved from both its tormentors in a single bloody battle, and a spontaneous celebration broke out.

This festival atmosphere, coupled with the exhaustion of battle, may explain the very strange actions that the heroes took next. Lighting a fire in the street, they proceeded to cook and devour the toxic flesh of the aboleth, a decision that no man in his right mind would ever make. It is probably no coincidence that Urzogg began to hear a voice whispering in his mind shortly afterward. The voice was both intelligent and knowledgeable, but none could guess what its motives might be…

Even stranger, the residual magic of the area caused some of the cooked flesh to reform itself into a miniature aboleth. Fortunately, this creature seemed less evil than its forbearer, and was soon given the name of Abby and adopted as the party mascot. Surely, nothing bad could come of these developments.

In the coming days, the heroes decided to take it easy, revisiting a previously explored area to search for whatever treasures they had missed previously. During their expedition to the fire pits, they came upon a great treasure indeed: the mightiest of all artifacts: The Robe of Useful Items!  This incredible object stored within itself an array of  mundane  items indispensable to the adventurer, including a rowboat, a mule, and several ladders. Truly, a heroic find.

As all men know, however, the greatest treasure of all is friendship, and this the heroes found in the unlikely form of Utha the bear, a pet of the former owners of the fire pit. through the use of mystic communications and an amulet of animal friendship, the heroes convinced the mighty bear to join them on their quest. The great bear claimed to seek only "the delicous flesh of soft man-things", and thus seemed a low-cost and entirely trustworthy addition to the team.

Armed with new allies, new treasures, and voices in their heads, the adventurers prepared to explore further than ever before, into the region known as the deep caves. Surely with all these factors in their favor, the rest of the mountain would be a snap…





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