Beneath The Mountain

The Battle of Meadowvale

Having fooled the simple-minded orc guards, Urzogg was escorted to the heart of the underground fortress, where he met the leader of the stormcloud company, a fearsome bugbear named Akkal Tor. Tor was a beast with ambitions of empire, and was well armed with advanced weapons supplied by allies within the mountain. Impressed by Urzoggs obvious strength, the bugbear quickly offered him a role in the Stormcloud companies most ambitious attack yet: A raid on the town of meadowvale itself!

Jethro the mage, meanwhile, awoke from his unconscious state to find himself in a tavern back in town, having apparently been dragged there by a mysterious wolf. He quickly befriended another adventurer named Saqua Steelhearted, and the two set off to rescue Urzogg.

The raiding force was halfway to meadowvale when the tw heroes came stumbled upon it, and some more quick talking from Urzogg convinced the assembled orcs that the two newcomers were more allies. Thus deceived, the raiders were led into a deadly ambush at the gates of meadowvale, with a group of adventurers from the tavern helping to put the rabble to flight. Saqqua proved his worth by slaying the most fearsome foe, a mighty ogre, in single combat with his empowered hammer, and the rest of the enemies were soon dispatched. Meadowvale was safe for another day.

Believing that the Stormclouds had been suitably chastised, the heroes turned to other matters, scouring the town for tasks to accomplish. As it happened, the church of Iri the unicorn god was putting together an expedition to recover a sacred artifact from deep within the mountain, and the heroes were happy to offer their services… in exchange for a fee of course.

More pressing matters took precedence, however, for the town council was offering a reward to anyone who  could solve a rash of mysterious disappearances which had occurred near the old Haunted lake at the side of the mountain. Seeing an opportunity to<s> extort money from frightened villagers</s> rescue the helpless, the three companions set out to the lake, and soon discovered a cave entrance hidden behind a waterfall. Venturing once more into the caves of Mount Moru, they found what appeared to be an abandoned gold mine. Their exploration was rudely interrupted, however, when they encountered an immense statue of a dwarf in a flooded chamber, which promptly came to life and attacked them, as mysterious statues in flooded chambers always do.

The statue grabbed Jethro and began attempting to choke the life out if him. Fortunately, the quick thinking mage had a plan with no possible flaws: He would trap the foe by freezing the water! The water that he was submerged in! While the statue was holding him! Fortunately, his reactions were quicker than his wits, and he narrowly escaped the expanding ice and thus avoided death by self-inflicted hypothermia. With the enemy now frozen, Urzogg was able to smash it to pieces with a shower of blasts from his handguns, and the battle was concluded without lasting harm.

There was no time for celebration, however, as the heroes had only scratched the surface of the Drowned Mines. What horrors awaited further in? Could the vanished villagers be saved? And would there be any treasure at the end of it all? Tune in next time to find out.




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