What lies beneath Mount Moru? The only way to find out is for a party of heroes/fools/bloodthirsty cutthroats to brave the greatest terror of all: Third party D&D modules! That's right, this campaign will be using the classic 3rd edition era megadungeon module Ruins of the Dragon Lord from Mongoose Publishing. It's a fairly straight dungeon crawl, so you all know what to expect: monsters, traps, dark tunnels, and (if the heroes are lucky) unimaginable treasures.

Most of the goblin fodder foolish enough to brave Mount Moru have been armed only with their  swords, their wits, and the occasional spell, but our heroes will have a few extra advantages. This campaign will be run using Spellchrome, one of the better rule sets to come out of the d20 boom, which means that the dungeon delvers will be armed with the most cutting edge magitechnology available. Magic guns, power swords, and fusion cannons will provide the team with a much needed edge, but will it be enough to reach the deepest levels of the dungeon and find the riches that inevitably lie there, or will it be added to the horde of a hungry dragon along with the bones of yet another adventuring party?

Beneath The Mountain