Beneath The Mountain

The Legend Begins

After many long days of travel on their motorcycles (the perfect vehicle for off-road adventure) our heroes, Jethro the mage and Urzogg the gunslinger, finally approached their destination: The town of Meadowvale, the last stop on the road to mount Moru. But as they set up camp for one more night in the wilderness, little did they know that hostile eyes were already watching. Jethro, trusting in his ability to get by on limited sleep, took first watch, but proved unable to  spot the threat before it was upon them. A storm of crossbow bolts flew through the air, and a goblin raiding party fell upon the camp with a mighty warcry!

Jethro took the brunt of the assault, and was hit several times by the poisoned bolts of the goblins, but he shrugged off the venom, and Urzoggs twin revolvers and epic motorbike stunts soon put an end to the invaders.

Tracking the goblins trail back to their encampment, the heroes discovered a number of disconcerting facts. Firstly, the camp flew an unknown flag, emblazoned with a stormcloud and lightning bolt. Secondly, their weapons had been upgraded with basic magitech enhancements, far outstripping anything such creatures should possess. And finally, a map recovered from a hidden box revealed that the raiding party had originated from mount Moru itself.

In light of this troubling new info, the heroes choose to skip Meadowvale and head straight for the mountain. After all, what was the worst that could happen…?

Not even an encounter with another group of adventurers fleeing the mountain could dampen their enthusiasm, and they had soon climbed the mountain path to a cave entrance. Once inside, they quickly found a section of false wall hiding the lair of a terrible lizard, and battle was joined once more. Though the combat took a turn for the worse when more goblins ambushed them from behind, the combination of Jethro's empowered armour and Urzoggs rain of bullets secured victory, and allowed the heroes to pass through the lair and enter a new area. 

This new region was no primitive cave, but a well constructed underground fortress of clearly ancient design. Alas, there was no time to wonder about the origin of this place, as a group of orcs bearing the stormcloud emblem stumbled upon the heroes, and jethro was dealt a mortal wound in the ensuing melee, falling to the floor in an unconscious heap. Barely was there time to patch up the mage before another orcish guard team, attracted by the noise, entered the fray.

Fortunately, Urzogg knew that orcs are stupid, gullible creatures, and quickly convinced them that he was a new recruit  for their army. Taken in by the ruse, the orcs agreed ot take him to their leader for a briefing. Jethro, meanwhile, was still unconscious from his wounds and was left for dead on the floor.

And so, one session in, the party is already split, the mage is left to fend for himself in the middle of the dungeon, and the gunslinger is being escorted deep into the heart of the enemies power. Can they survive these deadly setbacks? Probably not.




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