Beneath The Mountain

The End of the Stormcloud Empire

Upon returning from their expedition to the drowned mines, our heroes found Meadowvale in flames. Quickly rescuing the civilians, they soon learned the cause: The stormcloud goblins, enraged by their previous defeat, had launched a much larger raid on the defenseless town, carrying away many of the townsfolk for sacrifice to an entity they called "The Goblin God".

This was unacceptable! Without a town, who would the heroes extort money from? Who would run their trivial errands? Who would give them that most important of resources, Quest Experience? These goblins had to be taught a lesson, and the heroes would ensure they didn't forget it in a hurry.

Storming into the goblins underground fortress, they began anj epic battle against impossible odds. Orc mercenaries attacked in waves from all directions, armed with weapons that were now a match for the heroes own. Goblin assassins ambushed them from hidden corners with poisoned knives, and even a few human swordsman, much more skilled thn the common rabble, fought under the stormcloud banner.

Fortunately, the heroes rose to the occasion. Jethro used his magic to coat the floor in ice, sending orcs and goblins tumbling to the the ground. Urzogg kept up a hail of fire that cut down whole squads in seconds, and Saqua stood on the front lines, his mighty armor deflecting even the most powerful attacks. In the end, goblin corpses were stacked knee high on the ground, and the heroes were free to explore deeper into the fortress.

The first thing they encountered was a gnoll,  going by the name of Howler. Dressed in rags and presiding over a crude alter, Howler claimed to be a priest of something called the Dragon God, though he seemed more crazy than divinely inspired. Still, the heroes humored him, and accepted his offer to induct them into his priesthood. After all, the favor of a god of strength and violence, even one who might only exist in the fevered imagination of a gnoll, was sure to come in handy. But what was the Dragon God? And could he possibly be the final boss of the dungeon? These were questions for another time.

Of more immediate concern were the captives, who the heroes quickly found and freed. In addition to the citizens of meadowvale, they also found a dwarf from Stonehold, who informed them he had been working  in the mines when the goblins had attacked. By freeing him, they gained the gratitude of the stonehold dwarves, giving them access to the fabled dwarven smiths, who were much more adept at creating empowered items than the human of meadowvale.

With the captives freed and the goblin army slaughtered, there was only one thing to do: Dispose of Akkal Tor, the bugbear king. Though distracted somewhat y the traps and guards that remained in the fortress, the heroes, soon made their way to the bugbears lair. The throne room soon became the sight of a mighty battle, with Akkal Tor going toe to toe with Saqqua while his pet, a powerful firebreathing lizard, distracted the others. The battle was long and hard, but at last the bugbear king was overcome, and attempted to flee down a secret staircase behind his throne. Saqqua pursued him crushing his skull with a mighty hammer blow, and the threat of the stormcloud goblins was ended forever. Or was it? As Akkal Tor fell, a mighty roar could be heard from deeper in the fortress. Th Goblin God was angry, and would need to be faced in due time. Worse yet, before the fight Akkaal Tor had mentioned something about allied even deeper in the dungeon who provided him with weapons for his troops. Who were these allies, and what were their goals?

All these questions would have to wait, for the heroes were at the end of their strength. They returned to meadowvale, where they were greeted with a heroes welcome, and then visited stonehold, where they purchased new weapons and armor of dwarven make. Thus replenished, their thoughts briefly turned to the fishmen of the mines, before they were distracted by yet another quest. A dead body lay upn the ground, its heart torn from it chest, and a set of bestial tracks stretching away from it. The tracks led, of course, toward mount Moru, and to an adventure more treacherous, and more profitable, than any so far.






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