Beneath The Mountain

Discounts on Death

Joe's Gem Emporium offers the best deals in the multiverse, but the only thing on offer today…is murder.

Conjured into the middle of Meadowvale by a careless wsh, the mysterius shop immediatly disgorged a hoard of undead abominations which proceeded to kidnap the townspeople. Fortunately, our heroes returned from thier expedition to the fire pits just in time, and boldy plunged into the most horrifyimg shopping experience this side of Game customer service.

The once proud store had become a den of monsters, as the heroes soon realized when they were set upon by a pair of ferocious ghasts. Jethro hit upon the brilliant plan of attempting to read the creatures minds, and as a result spent much of the fight curled up in a ball on the ground and sobbing. Evemn worse, Urzogg was entirely absent, having been called away on Important Adventurer Errands. Saqqua thus stood alone against the creatures, and took terrible wounds from thier cruel teeth and razor claws, to say nothing of thier paralyzing touch. At last though, jethro recovered, and the dynamic duo managed to scrape through the fight to live another day. Undetered by thier brush with death, they then journeyed further into the shop.

Several more encounters with undead, these hideously enhanced with armour plating and otherworldly blades, occured before the heroes finnaly found the kidnapped villagers. They found another prisoner as well: Joe, the extradimensional being who owned the emporium. Joe explained that that his store had been taken over by a band of githyanki, whose necromancer leader was using it as a base to conduct horrifying experiments. 

As all adventurers know, powerful githyanki are rarely seen without a unique magical weapo known as a silver sword, an item of great cultural, historical, and, most importantly, monetary value. Inspired by the promise of such a reward, the eroes breached the very heart of the emporium, where they faced a mad mage, a powerful warlord, and a horde of undead and githyanki warriors. Through skill, daring, magic, dumb luck, and good old fashioned determination, Jethro and Saqqua won the day, rescuing in the process another adventurer who had come to investigate mount more but instead found herself kidnapped by the interminsional raiders.

Seeing an oppertunity to offload her own task on some gullible schmucks, the mage aurellia asked the noble heroes to investigate deeper into the mountain in search of ancient ruins, a task they were happy to accept in exchange for the promise of an appropriate reward. Joe meanwhile, lavished praise, and magical gems, upon his saviours, promising to stay in town for a time to handle all of thier gem related needs… for a price, of course.

A succesful day of adventuring behind them, jethro and saqua were looking forward to a good nights sleep. This was not to be, however, for no sooner had they left Joes Gem Emporium  than they were beset by desperate townsfolk begging for rescue once again. An immense army of goblins and fishmen were camped outside the walls, and looked ready to attack at any moment! Could this be Meadowvales final hour?



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