Beneath The Mountain

Against the Cult of the Pit

In the last adventure, our heroes uncovered the diabolical Cult of The Great Pit, a sinister organization devoted to the worship of a it of unspeakable evil below the mountain. Possessed by righteous fury (or perhaps just eager to delay their return t the undead-infested tombs) the party set out into the forests, intent on tracking the cultists to their lair.Through many random encounters and corrupted barbarians they fought, eventually reaching the deepest part of the woods, where they stumbled upon a frightful ritual. Robed cultists surrounding altars opf human sacrifice, chanting blasphemous rites and imploring their dark god for aid. Disgusted that anyone without a proper adventuring permit should be allowed to kill sentient beings for power, Kanada led the charge against the vile priests.

Though the priest and their barbarian guards fought hard, they were soon put down by the superior valor of the heroic adventurers. This was only the begriming of the nightmare, however, as the deaths of the cultists completed their dark ritual and called forth a terrible avatar of malice and vil.

Formed from pure darkness and hatred, this beast lashed out at our heroes with terrible ferocity, imperiling not only their bodies but also their very souls. Adventuring souls are made of sterner stuff than mst however, and the heroes fought off the dark ones corruption and struck blow after blow with their enchanted weapons. At last, Urzogg overcame the fiend with an aerial motorbike ram,and it faded back into the shadows from whence it came. Before it vanished, however, it left a terrible warning… The great pit hungered, and would soon have its revenge.



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