Beneath The Mountain

Adventure on the High Seas

If they wanted to pay of hier debt to Joe for the diamond used in resurrecting Jethro, our heroes would need to do a job for the mysterious merchant. Specifically, they would need to recover a rare gem that had gone missing in the elemental plane of water, en route to Joe's Emporium. The mighty planehopper ship that was carrying the gem had gone completely silent, and joe feared the worst. As a very rich merchant, he was obviously much to important to deal with the issue himself, but he did have just enough time to teleport a few expendable adventurers into the general vicinity of the ship. That done, he went back to counting his money.

Being dropped into an otherworldy sea was a rather disorienting experience for our heroes, made more so by the appearance of a gigantic shark. Still, they managed to make it the the planeship without serious injury. Once their, they found signs of a battle, and quickly established through mystical means that the ship had been raided by Githyanki Pirates.

Undeterred, our heroes plunged int the depths of the ship to face the interdimensional raiders.When at last the two forces met, a mighty battle was fought. The githyanki were well trained and well armed, and their leader, in the midst of battle, revealed his true power by transforming into a tiger. At last, however, the heroes were victorious. The githtyanki captain was slain, and his few remaining followers were quickly pressed into the service of good. But the job was still only half done, and the gem still needed to be recovered.

This would prove difficult, for the energies of the gem had begun to radiate throughout the ship, twisting the local vermin into new and terrible forms. A mighty Kraken, a deadly ooze, and, guarding the gem itself, an immense centipede, all stood in our heroes path, and quickly whittled away all but one of their new Githyanki "allies". This final guardian was the deadliest of all, spewing fire, ice and lighting as it thrashed and bit at the adventurers. Jeththro was once again mortally wounded by these attacks, but in the end the remaining heroes slew the beast and were able to restore Jethro before he slipped into death. And with that, the mysterious gem was recovered, and delivered to the mysterious merchant with all haste.


Our heroes had cleared their debt, but what new events might spring from the acquisition of such a powerful item by the enigmatic jeweler? Well, whats the worst that could happen…



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